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103. Ako Si Series - Ashley

Aimee interviews journalist and audio producer, Ashley Westerman as she discusses her adoption story, finding and meeting her birth mother.

  • Ashley's featured 2018 NPR article: "I Found My Birth Mother. It Didn't Rock My Life — And That's OK"

  • adopted at an early age and growing up in a majority white community in Kentucky, USA.

  • biological cousins adopted from same orphanage throughout her family

  • decided at early age to search for biological mother

  • took a few months of research

  • learned that biological mother had to give consent for reunion

  • orphanage arranged translator and meeting, Ashley was able to document her reunion experience with her journalism

  • There was a connection with her biological mother but not a spark

  • Ashley's advice to adoptees is if your curious about seeking your biological family, it is ok to be curious. Start having the conversation.

Orphanage: Heart of Mary Villa

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Watch Episode: Ashley: Season 1 - Episode 3

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