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Do adoptees feel adopted growing up even if they weren't told? 207. | Philippine Adoptee - Bel

Bel, a Philippine domestic adoptee, sits down with AKK to talk about how she discovered she was adopted as an older adult. Bel is the co-founder and co-host of Taralet's talk, where she first opened up about her adoption publicly.

This episode asks the question - if adoptees aren't told of their adoption, do we ever feel that adoption feeling when we were younger? Many adoptees experience different feelings that they aren't able to explain about their childhood. But once revealed, many can then relate to how adoption fits into that context.

Bel shares how others within her family and friends knew of her adoption. Sharing this moment with people close to her that already knew. She details on how there needs to be more resources in the Philippines that can be accessible by adoptees.


Bel Perez Bio:

Michael Gerber said, "the entrepreneur builds an enterprise; the technician builds a job." My love of this quote represents my career, starting as a Technical Support Representative in the Philippines to now running a business alongside my husband here in the United States.

In 2020, I co-founded LLC—a media agency that caters to podcast creators looking to have their episodes post-produced. What started as a two-person business has grown to a small team of seven. The majority of my job is planning, directing, and ensuring the completion of tasks and projects.

To better understand problems our clients encounter, I founded and co-hosted Taralets Talk Podcast, which launched in late 2021 as a seasonal podcast targeting Filipino listeners living abroad and in the Philippines. This podcast is also an excellent source of the realities of Filipino expatriate life.



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Taralet's Talk: The Filipino Expat Chronicles


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