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205. Adoptive Parent and Adoptee Conversation - Mother and Daughter Interview

Aimee sits down with her mother to talk about Aimee adoption process and how its had an effect on their life.

  • Aimee's mom a Filipina immigrant that came to the USA and worked as a medical transcriber and started her own dental practice.

  • Aimee's mom decided to go back to PI for vacation and she met with nun that knew the birth family.

  • While Mom worked with a lawyer on paperwork, Aimee went to live with her brother rather living in the orphanage.

  • Mom worked with Holt Agency in USA to do home inspection visits and preapprovals.

  • Classes were required in the beginning of the adoption process that covered raising an adoptee and that telling the child of their adoptee status before a certain age.

  • At 8 months old, Aimee's parents went to the Philippines to bring her home to USA. Her adoption was such an easy adoption process compared to other adoptions at the time.

  • Aimee was a happy baby and never cried!

  • Adopted when Mom was in her 40s.

  • Mom revealed her adoption while she was 5 years old in a very casual way.

  • Aimee shares with her mom about feeling unwanted as a child even if it was subconsciously.

  • Mom always believe that adoptees would be curious where they come from. It would be a natural curiosity and would support any reunion or search for any birth family.

  • Aimee did wish she was able to use more resources such as therapies during her search process.

  • Mom and Aimee talked about how adoption and separation hurt her in her childhood that lead to suicidal thoughts.

  • Adoptive parents may not approach their child to talk to adoption because they want us to feel like we are their child. But adoptees especially children may not have a language to talk about adoption.

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