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203. Adoption in Entertainment

As AKK's resident E-entertainment expert, Aimee shares how different television shows and films portray adoption. She gives a few recommendations to watch and how they relate to adoption theme. Aimee learned a lot about adoption and how it relates to her own feelings through animated shows and movies.

Children Films / Shows

  • The Chipmunks (children's cartoon show) - Alvin, Simon, and Theodore - find and reunite with their birth mother and how they ended up with Dave their father (adoptive parent). Also the Chippettes - from an Australian orphanage.

  • Chipmunk movie - longing to have a relationship with their biological mother or searching for a mother figure

  • Follow that Bird (Sesame Street) - Big Bird feeling like he needs to be with his "own" kind and how he didn't feel like he fit in with the folks he was around. Trying to figure out who he is.

Asian Adoption Documentaries

  • Daughter from Danang (PBS) - a baby adoption from Operation Baby Lift. Adoptees from Vietnam.

  • Twinsters - about 2 South Korean adoptees trying to connect with each other and their biological family. Really talks about nature vs nurture.

  • I love You Mommy - Chinese adoptee, adopted by an American family with biological sons and how they adopted an 8 year old transracial daughter. How she was trying to adapt to the new USA culture and loosing her cultural heritage and language.

Other Recommended Watches:

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