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204. Ako Si Series: Maria

For the return of AKK's Ako Si Series, we sit down with Maria, a Philippines domestic adoptee that spent her childhood with her Pinoy cousins and then mysteriously moved abroad to be reconnected with her adoptive father. See Part 1 & Part 2.

Part 1

Part 2

Visit Maria's Instagram: BlacksheepMaars

  • Growing up in Philippines and being called ampon

  • Leaving the Philippines to go to Canada on her own at age 8

  • Re-meeting her adoptive father and wondering where her mother was

  • Not understanding what ampon meant

  • Finding out about her adoption through her tita but her own Dad not talking about it as a child

  • Ending up in foster care as a teen

  • What it means to not be legally adopted

  • Using writing to process her confusion, frustrations, and documenting her journey

  • How she shares with her husband and her children about adoption

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