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202. Navigating our Adoption Journey

In our 2nd episode, JD touches on what resources are helpful for us to start our journey of exploring our own adoption journey.

  • How did we find out, when we were younger or much older. Often the age of when we "discovered" our adoption or were told - this often influences how we start our journey and the feelings we built up around it. Regardless of age, it can be traumatic to understand of our own adoption.

  • This is a journey - it will take lots of time and often goes with us through different stages of life

  • what do you do with these emotions. Find an outlet. Don’t let the emotions sit within your body.

  1. journaling – perhaps finding a way to write or record your emotions. That might be therapy for some. Or others may due art journaling. Or speaking it out

  2. Therapy

  3. Movement = exercise, or yoga. A lot of tension can be released

  • Connect to find support or your tribe. You do not have to be alone in this process.

  1. AKK - We post a list of adoptee voices and organizations

  2. FAN - Filipino Adoptee Network

  3. SAAT – Subtle Asian Adoptee Traits

  4. Philippines – Adoptees teen and adult FB Group.

  • Research – Whether we want to learn our own personal birth circumstances or about the adoption process, learning more takes time.

  1. Our own personal story

  2. Basic information – asking about your paperwork. Document your questions so you can always come back to them.

  3. Do we want reunion or not. It is ok if we do not.

b. About adoption

  1. ICAV - Intercountry Adoptee Voices

  2. NACC - National Authority for Child Care - (previously ICAB / Intercountry Adoption Board)

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