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201. Season Two Premier - Catching Up with the Hosts

Mabuhay and welcome back to AKK's 2nd Season!

With our premier episode, we kick off with our cohosts JD and Aimee as they give us a snippet of what to expect during Season 2, what's new to AKK, and what does AKK represent?

  • What's been going on since Season 1?

  • Is there anything else about adoption that interests you aside from your personal story?

  • What are your personal feelings on the practices of adoption?

  • How long have you been in the adoption advocacy space?

  • Where are you at in your personal adoption journey ?

  • Share why you and Aimee started AKK,

  • Why is it important to share Filipino adoptee stories?

  • Why is it important to show through YouTube?

  • Takeaways from Season 1?

  • What are some teasers for Season 2?

  • Any personal projects?

Aimee -

JD -

Adoptee Kwento Kwento


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