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107. Ako Si Series - Pastor

As the last speaker for our Ako Si Series Season 1, we introduce Pastor de la Cruz.

  • In Pastor's 1st foray into social media, he uses his 20 year experience in the juvenile justice system to talk about mental health

  • through his work he learned how to see what a healthy family should look like.

  • What is the ideal attempt to show a healthy standard so they can be successful in life

  • all people and adoptees especially could really benefit from even a few sessions of therapy

  • Adoption issues sometimes can be related to medical issues

  • Pastor was adopted at 8 months old and his parents told him before he was 10 years old.

  • Pastor learned Filipino martial arts and even visited Philippines

  • He referenced a Richard Pluman podcast - Popular thought is 50% [of adoptee behavior] is nature (biological family) and 50% is nurture (adoptive family). Studies indicated that 0.3% is from nurture. but 50% from birth parents still come through.

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