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106. Ako Si Series - Faith

In this episode, Faith shares her side of processing her adoption and also an interview with her adoptive mother and her brother who is also an adoptee.

  • Faith is name orphanage gave her. Adoptive family gave name Catie.

  • Faith goes through a box of childhood memories that has some paperwork potentially pertaining her birth documents

  • Faith remembers being asked if she wanted to know more about her birth family. But Faith always felt like it would hurt her mother, so grew up not wanting to talking her adoption.

  • Cindy, Faith's adoptive mother joins her on the call to talk about the early years of her adoption.

  • Faith a child of 8 siblings, 7 of which are adopted. While her adoptive parents were living in the Philippines, they visited the orphanage. Her adoptive mother felt a connection immediately after meeting her. She also met with Faith's birth mother to receive approval. Her mother was crying at relinquishment.

  • Adoption took from November to February.

  • Faith's brother James joined the call and we learn more about his adoption journey.

  • At conclusion of video - Faith processes the conversation where she learned quite a bit of new information.

Orphanage: Kings FilAm Homes

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Watch Episode: Faith: Season 1 - Episode 6

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