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105. Ako Si Series - Dan Part 2

In this episode, Dan continues his reunion journey with his biological family in the Philippines with his adoptive father.

Watch Episode: Dan: Season 1 - Episode 5

  • Dan starts his reunion with meeting various parts of family and singing karaoke.

  • After church, he went to his biological mother. A very emotional special moment, Dan hugs his mother. Through his Tita Joy, Dan shares his life photo album. His father was able to share about the adoption process and Dan even met his Lola, his mother's mother. What a moment to share with both his adoptive father and his biological mother.

  • Dan's reunion continued with sharing with his family and meeting many extended relatives.

  • Dan's advice to other adoptees;

to all fellow adoptees,

to all those searching to all those who feel lost,

to all those needing answers know your feelings are valid know you are in the right place.

Know you are intelligent and important.

Know you have power and choices.

Know it will all be okay.

Know you are LOVED.

And know you're not alone.

You are the climax of your story, and you have all the power and the decisions. the creator has placed you for a reason. Sometimes we may not know the purpose, but you have the possession of the blueprints.

My prayer to you is that you will find what you are searching for.

Be patient, listen, and keep going.

Orphanage: Kaisahang Buhay Foundation, Inc.

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