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104. Ako Si Series - Dan Part 1

In this two part mini - series, Dan accounts for his

adoption experience prior to his reunion with his maternal biological family in the Philippines.

  • Being raised in Michigan, USA in a mostly white community - Dan felt he didn't fully fit in.

  • In 2006 he visited the Philippines but didn't find any family.

  • In 2015, after encouragement from his partner, Dan restarted his research through Facebook and eventually was introduced to his Tita Joy. After matching DNA tests, Tita Joy invites him to family reunion they were planning in the Philippines.

  • His adoptive father accompanies Dan back to the Philippines where he finally meets his brother Mike and several other folks during the first half of the trip.

  • Watch Episode 2 - where Dan meets with his biological mother!

Orphanage: Kaisahang Buhay Foundation, Inc.

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Watch Episode: Dan: Season 1 - Episode 4

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