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Other Organizations dedicated to Asian Adoptees 


Filipino Adoptee Network (FAN) - the first web based organization for Filipino adoptees that offers a resource center with  adoption and cultural resources, and a global network of Filipino adoptees and adoptive families 

Filipino Adoptee Network Unite (FANU) -  the companion group that is public to Filipino adoptees, adoptive families, and to the international community


Intercountry Adoptee Voices (ICAV) -  a global organization dedicated to educate, support, connect, collaborate, galvanise and give voice to intercountry adoptees from around the world.


Subtle Asian Adoptee Traits (SAAT) -  a European organization connecting Asian adoptees in Europe. One of the CoHost - Ace is a Filipino adoptee based in Sweden.

Somewhere Between Podcast -  a podcast made by Asian adoptees for Asian adoptees. Dedicated to sharing various the stories and experiences of Asian adoptees all over the world focusing on international and transracial adoptees. Ace Arnsmar, a Filipino adoptee is cohost.

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