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Anthology of Works
- Writing Contributor: Voiceless to Boisterous, Adoptee Voices E-Zine. (June 2022)
- Asian Adoptee Panelist for The Cradle's webinar: Asian Child White Parent Revisited (May 2022)
- Guest Blogger at 
ICAV's series of Adoptee Anger (Feb 2022)
- Adoptee Speaker at Philippines Inter-Country Board Global Conference (September 2021)



Founder & Cohost

I asked a friend in 2018: if I had a YouTube channel what would I talk about? 

Answer: Adoption. At the time I was not talking about it outside of my friends and family. So I thought about it; if I am so passionate about this, why am I not?

Thus the initial brainstorming began. In 2021 when Aimee , I and a few others had presented the adoptee perspective to a Philippines agency, we felt like we were just getting revved up. We were presented an opportunity we just felt the calling to continue with elevating the diverse Philippine adoptees experiences.  


Founder and Cohost of Adoptee Kwento Kwento (AKK), a global platform that centers around amplifying Philippine adoptee voices and promoting adoptee healing. She is a (Philippines) domestic adoptee to an American father and a Filipina mother. Growing up in the USA, she was a late discovery of her own adoption at the age of 19, but always felt there was something that differentiated her from the family she had only known. JD is an advocate for intercountry adoptees and their families receiving ongoing support services and resources - way past the signed date of the adoption papers.

JD is also an entrepreneur and a manufacturing supply chains professional. She graduated from Old Dominion University with an International Studies B.A. focus of political economy.  Community volunteer positions include refugee citizenship education and family support services, and South Asian Children Literacy fund raising.



-Instagram @adopteekwentokwento

- Personal

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