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Filipino Adoptee Voices & Works

There is a great vast of Filipino adoptee led body of work. AKK aims to support a diversity of perspectives and share their works within our community.


Ace Arnsmar - a Philippine adoptee raised in Sweden - he is an adoptee leader connecting European adoptees. Ace is cofounder of Subtle Asian Adoptee Traits (SAAT) and cohost of Somewhere Between podcast.


Aimee Curameng - a Filipina American based in Las Vegas, NV - founder and cohost of AKK and a content creator for all things arts & entertainment. 

Arlynn Hope Dunn - a Filipina American based in Kentucky, USA 

Ashley Westerman - a Filipina American NPR reporter based in the Philippines that has a collection of adoption published pieces.


Bel Perez - a Philippine adoptee expat to USA and one of the cohost of Taralets Talks, where they discuss different topics as expatriates. The show listeners can use to understand experiences and find resolutions that can empower them through their journey to personal growth. 


Dan Moen  - a Filipino American digital and performance art master, has numerous videos documenting his adoption journey.


Emily N. Bartz - a Filipina American adoptee shares her personal adoption story with Adoptee On. She relates about adoptees in comics, including a focus on her article about “Loki: I Can Turn into anything as long as it’s me”.


Ferera Swan - a Filipina American domestic adoptee, is a recording artist, songwriter, composer, pianist, violinist, and GRAMMY voting member of The Recording Academy. She is part of a closed adoption and is an outspoken advocate for others, shining a light on the shadowy issues surrounding the industry involving family separation, grief, shame, secrecy, and trauma.


JD Glienna - Founder and cohost of AKK based in TX - passionate on talking about the tough topics. See full bio and anthology in Meet the Cohosts section.


Dr. Kiernan “Kiki” Marlene Steiner  - a Filipina American adoptee based in WI,  is a holistic vocal coach, a choral conductor, and decolonization coach. She empowers others to unearth shame about their voice in their decolonization spaces for creatives, artists, and educators.  


Lorial Crowder  - a Filipina American adoptee based in NYC,  is founder of Filipino Adoptees Network (FAN) and proud advocate for all things environmental.


Maria Angela Masakayan - a Filipina Canadian based nearish to Toronto, documents her personal reunion journey through her writings. 


Sam Roxas Chua - a Filipino American now based in Oregon. Sam is a creative that channels his artistry through poems, artworks, and asemic writings. Sam has appeared in journals including Narrative, December Magazine, Cream City Review and an essay/review of his two recent books.


Stephanie Flood - a Filipina American now living in sunny Hawaii, she channels adoption passion through her arts; creative literature to mixed media art to junk journaling. She is also a Filipina blogger at Intercountry Adoptee Voices. 

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