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Filipino Adoptees have a diverse background.
This is a collective safe space, not a collective story.

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Adoptee Kwento Kwento calls us to tell our own stories. We tell it, so that others cannot define it for us. 

Telling the adoptee side of adoption takes a lot of courage and strength. Whether we have amazing loving stories or trying to heal through trauma, adoptees need to share our experiences. How to process. How to sift through the emotions. How adoption is complex, multilayered. How we are similar. How we are different. And how to move through the different stages of life in a healing way.

As a Filipino / Philippine adoptee, let's continue to share the adoptee perspective. Take part of the "Ako Si" series - adoptee sharing, telling our stories.
For all interested parties - please email or connect with us through IG @adopteekwentokwento 

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